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Arachnoid - spider-like

The movement of human body

evolving into an insect-like organism

Where are the boundaries

between different life-forms?




What is it like to be human?

To have a body? Or to be a body?

To in inhabit a space is to transform it

To produce movement

is to reconfigure one's reality

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Arachnoid is a 4-channel, sculptural video installation. It was born out of series of experiments in dance and digital video, and was originally exhibited at the Lethaby Gallery in Central Saint Martins in London, 2019.

A single-channel iteration with audio was shown at LUX, London, 2019.

The piece explores the boundaries of the human body through repetitive movements which blend into one another creating insectoid shapes. In this abstraction, the human disappears, and in its place new lifeforms grow and shrink in a hypnotic dance until the cycle begins again.

As much as a study of the interrelatedness of the human and non-human life, Arachnoid also seeks to make space for screen-based performance art in its spatially aware configuration. 

early development, 2018

experimenting in 3D software, 2021

green screen studio recordings, 2018

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