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Once I Had A Dream

A multi-channel video installation commissioned for The Finnish Music Museum, FAME, in 2019 to represent the band Nightwish in the newly opened Finnish Music Hall of Fame.

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The video piece highlights Nightwish's worldwide fanbase, and how music, originally written in the remote Eastern Finland has touched and continues to affect people from all walks of life all over the world.

A large part of the piece consists of video and audio recordings made by fans responding to questions about their relationship to the band and its music using their native language. The cacophony of languages and voices further emphasises how music can overcome language and cultural barriers, and communicate universally shared emotions and experiences.

The band's founder, songwriter and keyboardist, Tuomas Holopainen also gave an in person interview on the island where Nightwish first came to be in summer 1996, which is featured as part of the installation along with live recordings of concerts.

Made with

80 Nightwish fans

35 countries

30 languages

6 continents

From Opening Night

Thank You

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