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Uncanny Valley

Uncanny Valley  is an interactive digital artwork utilising gameplay mechanics. The visitor may move and look around the space using the cursor and arrow keys. The surreal world is built from a combination of real world and imagined elements to create a space which inhabits the in-between realm of a waking dream. The humanoid characters are modelled based on 3d scans of the artists own body, and are executing series of motion captured movements also originating from the  artist.

As such Uncanny Valley could be classed as an experimental virtual performance, an immersive 3d video or an artistic video game. It is as much an escape into a strange dream realm as it is an attempt to understand the urge for escapism. Created over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, it also reflects a deep desire to find new, positive spaces from within the confines and isolation of one's own home.

Walkthrough Demo

In Game

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