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forget - me - not


Forget-me-not dress

This romantic A-line dress features a fitted bodice with heart shaped cups, an adjustable front-lacing panel, zip closure and adjustable straps.

The pink satin is fully lined with light chiffon and embellished with peachy lace for a dreamy look that is sure to turn heads wherever you wear it.

Hem length is customisable.

Swap for a red and white colour scheme if pink is not your jam!

All garments are made to order and require you to fill in a form with measurements.


About me

Am I a multidisciplinary artist or do I just have ADHD?

IMG_7520 2_edited.jpg
IMG_7520 2.JPG

I'm Anni, and I'm indeed a multidisciplinary artist - with an ADHD. I'm a dancer, a designer, a writer, a videographer, and now, a seamstress.

If you've looked around my website, or found me through social media, you'll know that I have a variety of interests and creative outlets. I love long hiking trips, drawing mermaids, writing about my experience with adult ADHD, going to rock concerts, combining dance, video and CGI to create strange and surreal art, trees, the ocean, tattoos, fantasy art, antiques, vegan donuts and learning about biology and ecosystems.

My interest in sewing and fashion design originates from adolescence when I used to sketch anything from figure skating costumes to street fashion for fun. Even in childhood my favourite things to do were playing dress-up or dressing my Barbie-dolls. 

I started making my own clothes, mainly 50's inspired circle dresses as a teen but at some point that interest just waned off.

As I've got older and care less and less about what other people think about my style, I've got back to sewing and designing for myself. It's both creative outlet and a stern rejection of the fast fashion industry.

I never planned to sew clothing for anyone else but the onslaught of positive feedback introduced the idea to me. Creating and wearing beautiful garments gives me pleasure so why wouldn't I share that joy with others?

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